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Dr Milton Maltz MD M.Phil (London)

Private Physician with a special interest in Cardiology.

Dr Milton Maltz has relocated his private practice from 58 Harley Street to  Harley Street Medical Centre.

Dr Maltz, has over 18 years experience in the private sector. He has a deep understanding of the demand from the UK population for private primary medical care and how to best serve this demand.

Dr. Maltz graduated in 1979 in the Federal University of Medicine of Porto Alegre – Brazil, Fellowship in Internal Medicine in Brazil, Diploma in General Medicine, 1982 St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. Master University of London 1983-1992. Research Registrar, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital (1983 – 1992). Presented numerous papers on all aspects of Cardiology at major Cardiac conferences throughout the world. Previous Research Fellow at the Royal Free Hospital. Dr Maltz was awarded by the Brazilian Government for his extraordinary work to promote the image of Brazil abroad.

Working collaboratively with Harley Street Medical Centre, with its advanced diagnostic capabilities, enables Dr Maltz’s patients to receive one-stop diagnosis and treatment.


A procedureless gastric balloon.  Elipse™ fills the stomach and assists you in feeling full and eating less. Elipse™ is swallowed during a brief office visit and – months later passes into the toilet.

No surgery. No endoscopy. No anesthesia.

Elipse™ empowers overweight and obese individuals to reclaim their health with a safe and effective weight loss tool.

The Elipse™ balloon comes in a capsule with a thin tube. You will swallow the capsule and your doctor will use a quick x-ray to make sure the balloon is in your stomach. The balloon will be filled through the tube and the tube will be removed, completing the process. Getting Elipse™ takes about 15 minutes! If you can’t swallow the capsule on your own, Elipse™ comes with an accessory that your doctor can use to gently assist while you swallow.

What our clients have to say…

"The service I received was more than exceptional, my needs were accommodated and my fear of claustrophobia was managed by using the fantastic Open MRI machine. I was treated with dignity at all times"

"Thank you to all staff members who assisted me during my visit, my experience was pleasant and I would happily visit Harley Street Medical Centre again"

"The whole patient journey was exceptional, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease during my scan"

"The staff were extremely patient and empathetic during my MRI scan, the thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated and admired"