One-stop Sleep Clinic

Helping you achieve a good night’s sleep

Waking up feeling tired every day can be both frustrating and debilitating, so it’s important to get to the root cause of your broken sleep quickly. Our patients receive a comprehensive assessment and investigation into the causes of interrupted sleep or snoring.

Our assessment includes a review of your medical history and general health, including the ears, nose and throat. In some cases, we will give you a Mandibular advancement device to take home. This tests whether holding your jaw in a different position would make a difference to the quality of your sleep.

Three step process:

  1. Full assessment and investigation into the causes of interrupted sleep or snoring
  2. Examination of the ears, nose and throat

Device to take home: Mandibular advancement

What our clients have to say…

"The service I received was more than exceptional, my needs were accommodated and my fear of claustrophobia was managed by using the fantastic Open MRI machine. I was treated with dignity at all times"

"Thank you to all staff members who assisted me during my visit, my experience was pleasant and I would happily visit Harley Street Medical Centre again"

"The whole patient journey was exceptional, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease during my scan"

"The staff were extremely patient and empathetic during my MRI scan, the thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated and admired"