Dr Richard Carroll

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Carroll has nearly 25 years’ experience in continuous service and clinical activity in all aspects of cardiology and internal medicine. He prides himself on practicing patients centred, evidence based cardiology. He understands the unique nature of every person and the unique aspect that their own illness and management will present. Dr Carroll’s highest priorities are patient safety and clinical governess.

Dr Carroll is trained extensively in all aspects of cardiology. He is an expert in coronary artery disease and coronary intervention and has performed over 4000 coronary interventional procedures in his career. His other areas of interest include imaging the heart using echocardiography and CT scanning and finding ways to avoid invasive procedures and that is absolutely necessary. Dr Carroll is an expert at managing all aspects of cardiovascular illness including high blood pressure, angina, heart failure, heart valve problems and heart rhythm disturbances.

Dr Carroll is unusual in the fact that he holds expertise in both cardiology and internal medicine and continues to practice internal medicine at a large Trust in Central London. He sees unselected medical emergency of all types and manages them with his team to the highest possible standard. Dr Carroll’s other interests include the role of complementary therapies in managing chronic condition such as stress and blood pressure most particularly through use meditation and yoga. He is an educator responsible for the training of undergraduate and post-graduate doctors and is frequently invited lecturer at the cardiology master class programme in London.

What our clients have to say…

"The service I received was more than exceptional, my needs were accommodated and my fear of claustrophobia was managed by using the fantastic Open MRI machine. I was treated with dignity at all times"

"Thank you to all staff members who assisted me during my visit, my experience was pleasant and I would happily visit Harley Street Medical Centre again"

"The whole patient journey was exceptional, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease during my scan"

"The staff were extremely patient and empathetic during my MRI scan, the thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated and admired"