Clinic regulation:

The Clinic is assessed regularly by the Care Quality Commission, the healthcare regulatory body and information on inspections is available on the CQC website.

The Registered Manager for Harley Street Medical Centre is Mauriel Ramkhelawan.

The Responsible Individual for the company is Karen Miller.

The Managing Director for Harley Street Medical Centre is Nick Bird.

Medical Advisory Committee:

UME Diagnostics has an active Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) which meets every 3 months to discuss any clinical and governance issues in line with the Care Standards Act 2000. We view it as important that all specialties feel part of the advisory framework at UME Diagnostics and that there are mechanisms in place to ensure communication to and from the MAC and within each specialty. The MAC also discusses applications to practice at the UME sites, acts as a mouth piece for all the consultants practicing and ensures that rigorous audit and clinical monitoring continues in UMED to ensure and maintain the highest clinical standards.

The members of UME Diagnostics MAC are:

Dr Qaiser Malik

MAC Chair, Consultant Radiologist

Dr Usamah Jannoun

Deputy MAC Chair, Chair Clinical Governance Committee, Sports and Exercise Health Consultant

Mr Kaser Nazir

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Mr John Rubin

Consultant ENT Surgeon

Dr Richard Carroll

Consultant Cardiologist

Professor Eike Nagel

Consultant Cardiologist

Nick Bird

Managing Director (Harley Street Medical Centre)

Mauriel Ramkhelawan

Clinical Services Director – UME Diagnostics

Complaints procedure:

At UME Diagnostics we have a clearly defined complaints procedure which is available on request.

Company information:

Harley Street Medical Centre is a member of the UME Group.

The registered office of the company is 27 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QP.

The company is registered in England, No OC318561

What our clients have to say…

"The service I received was more than exceptional, my needs were accommodated and my fear of claustrophobia was managed by using the fantastic Open MRI machine. I was treated with dignity at all times"

"Thank you to all staff members who assisted me during my visit, my experience was pleasant and I would happily visit Harley Street Medical Centre again"

"The whole patient journey was exceptional, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease during my scan"

"The staff were extremely patient and empathetic during my MRI scan, the thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated and admired"