Safer, faster and more efficient; our X-ray technology has been designed around you.

Our aim is to always make our diagnosis quickly, safely, accurately and comfortably for you. So we only use digital X-ray technology that can create images of inside your body. The technology is very advanced and uses much less radiation than conventional methods so it’s safer. And because it’s digital, the results are ready that much quicker, meaning your consultant can reach a diagnosis in a fraction of the time.

Ask your physician for a referral to one of our state-of-the-art treatment centres to undergo an X-ray that will allow swift and accurate diagnosis of your condition.


Conventional X-ray systems use a special film plate, or sheet on which the image is displayed, which is placed behind the patient. This captures the image of the part of the body where the X-ray is positioned.

Bones and teeth are denser than organs and muscle and therefore absorb more radiation. The areas that have absorbed the most rays show up white or bright grey, whereas the less dense tissue is normally dark. This means it is possible to identify any broken bones, abnormalities or growths within the organs.

Instead of a film plate, we use a digital image capture device that takes less time to acquire images and that means the patient spends less time exposed to radiation.

This type of imaging also cuts the amount of time it takes to process and deliver an image compared to that of the more conventional X-ray method. This is due to the fact that images can be taken there and then and enhanced to get the best possible picture. We have four X-ray imaging centres that use the best technology available, including the Siemens Axiom Multix MP and DR.

What our clients have to say…

"The service I received was more than exceptional, my needs were accommodated and my fear of claustrophobia was managed by using the fantastic Open MRI machine. I was treated with dignity at all times"

"Thank you to all staff members who assisted me during my visit, my experience was pleasant and I would happily visit Harley Street Medical Centre again"

"The whole patient journey was exceptional, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease during my scan"

"The staff were extremely patient and empathetic during my MRI scan, the thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated and admired"